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Liquor Policy: Being Upfront Reduces Golf Insurance Risk

26 June 2018 Resources

What are the rules concerning the use of a golf club for alternative purposes? While certain events are covered under a comprehensive policy or event golf insurance policy as an add-on, some occasions demand a discussion with the liquor board. With a liquor policy, in the US and Canada, the Liquor Licensing Board has rules and regulations that define the boundaries of how and in what way you can serve alcohol at your business.

This is an extremely important piece of advice if you are engaging in offering special performances, dances, casino nights or any kind of alternative use. Because finding new members and visitors is vital to the longevity of a club’s existence, being accurate on both your insurance policy and liquor policy ensures proper protection.

Tips For Writing a Liquor Policy

Golf Insurance Advice

Developing a house policy will encourage staff to participate and help create business-wide practices. In consultation with an insurance specialist and service professionals (such as, you can create and implement a plan immediately. Key areas to discuss are:

Definition of the licensed areas where alcohol can be consumed

  • Clubhouse
  • Banquet Room
  • Areas of the golf course

Clear where it is not allowed

  • Parking Areas
  • Locker Rooms
  • Hallways

Strict policy towards underage customers

  • ID Checks
  • Training staff on which IDs are acceptable
  • Express the rules to parents or age of majority escorts that they are prohibited from purchasing alcoholic beverages for underage guests

Having a stern policy for staff to follow when dealing with serving customers

  • Identifying intoxicated customers
  • How to deal with intoxicated guests
  • Staff responsibility to open beverages (beer bottles)
  • Knowing when to inform police of a possible hazardous situation stemming from the behaviour of an intoxicated guest.

Having these rules in place for staff to see as well as posting them on your website for guests to see is protection that may be reflected in your golf insurance premium. Lowering risk is always the best policy for both the safety of guests and golf insurance coverage.

Liquor license info is readily available

If you have questions you may contact the AGCO (Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario). You may be able to speak to a representative for information regarding the LLA (Liquor License Act) and applying for a Special Occasion Permit. Talk to your golf insurance broker for specific advice on the unique concerns for your club and the event you are planning.