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How to Tell if You’ve Been (or are about to be) Hacked

29 March 2019 Resources

How to Tell if You’ve Been (or are about to be) Hacked

Sometimes it’s obvious that you’ve become a victim of a cybercrime. If you can’t get on your network or your computer, you likely have a virus or you’ve been hacked. If you receive an email from someone threatening to expose your personal information unless you pay a ransom, you’re a victim of ransomware. However, not all cybercrimes are that obvious. We are here to help you find out, have I been hacked?

If you’ve been hacked, the sooner you find out and put a stop to the problem, the better off you’ll be. To help you see potential signs, we’ve provided common ways to spot a scam or hack.

        You May Be Looking At A Phishing Email If It Includes:

• A request for something unexpected, like a friend who needs money because they are “stranded” in a foreign country
• Urgency! Pressuring you to act quickly (without thinking it through)
• Poor grammar or misspellings
• Unrealistic threats or offers that are too good to be true
• Request for personal information
• A mismatched URL or misleading domain name

icon of person with shoulder length hair         Your Identity Might Have Been Stolen If:

• You see unusual activity in your bank account or credit card – like an unfamiliar charge, withdrawal, purchase or even deposit
• Your bank or credit card statements stop showing up – either by email or mail.
• You have good credit, but you’ve had an application for credit denied
• Statements show up for a credit card you didn’t open
• A new credit card you didn’t apply for shows up in the mail

Thumbs Up Icon        Your Social media Might Have Been Hacked If:

• You can’t log in to your account
• There are updates you didn’t post
• You have outgoing messages that you didn’t send or create

Stay safe online by following these tips and talk to us about protecting yourself online. Learn about the most common cyber vulnerabilities here. Some insurance companies now offer coverage for these types of incidences. Talk to us about switching to one of those companies or adding coverage to existing policies.

If you are interested in purchasing cyber insurance, contact one of our brokers.