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6 Things to Consider when Hosting an Employee Holiday Party

13 December 2018 Articles

Everyone loves a good employee holiday party. The end of the year is a great time to celebrate the accomplishments of the year with staff. Though they may not be as lavish as they used to be, many companies still host a year-end holiday party. Below are some tips for protecting your business, so you can play as hard as you work!

Remind Employees to be Responsible

When you send out the invitation remind employees to drink responsibly and not to drink and drive. Your company is likely made up of responsible adults, a friendly reminder that the holiday party isn’t a throwback to frat parties days is an easy way to remind your employees to be safe.

Ensure Managers Lead By Example

Employees look to their managers for guidance on how to act in social situations with co-workers. Managers should watch their drinking and actions and make sure they are still setting a good example for employees.

Hold the Holiday Party Offsite

Most offices don’t have appropriate space for a holiday party and hosting offsite also limits liability. Holding the event in a restaurant or other event staff with trained bartenders helps ensure that no staff member is over-served. Event bartenders are trained to know when to cut someone off.

Limit Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol inhibits everyone’s ability to make smart decisions. Limit alcohol consumption to any type of misconduct. Even the most mature adults can get out of hand when free alcohol is involved. Offer a cash bar to limit consumption or, if free drinks are important to you, use drink tickets to limit the number of free drinks each person can be served before taking a hit to their own wallet.

Arrange Alternative Transportation

If your staff will be drinking offer some alternative transportation options. Offer free taxi vouchers, a shuttle bus to nearby local and regional transit or even ask for volunteer designated drivers.

Get Insurance

Business owners can talk to our team to find out how to best protect their company event. Liquor liability insurance is available for one time events, this type of insurance, often paired with event insurance can help make sure your event goes off without a hitch!


Happy Holidays from McLean Hallmark! Connect with an expert to understand your responsibilities as a host this holiday season!