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Marine Cargo

McLean Hallmark is one of Canada’s leading Marine Insurance specialists, comprised of an experienced team of experts concentrating in this unique area of insurance and risk management. Companies that import or export, shippers, carriers, forwarders, or other intermediaries all need specialized risk protection strategies that cannot be addressed through conventional insurance. The exposures faced by the Marine industry are associated with a host of unique dangers and potential hazards, so it is important that you deal with a broker with expertise in these complex subjects. McLean Hallmark deals with all of the leading insurance providers, and offers strong market relations for our customers, ensuring the best combination of coverage and affordability. At McLean Hallmark we pride ourselves on bringing our clients a wide range of resources which we refer to as ‘Solutions Beyond Insurance’.

These are a combination of internal resources (Marine expertise, our own Claims team, etc.) as well as suite of third party resources providing our customers with expert consultation on a variety of issues including HR, Loss Control, Valuations, and Legal expertise. We also have established a unique partnership with CargoNet, a cargo theft prevention and recovery network, who provide a new level of loss control through their Versisk Crime Analytics service.

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Tracy McLean - Executive Vice President, Marine & Surety

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