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myMcLeanHallmark App

The myMcLeanHallmark App is an exclusive portal that gives McLean Hallmark clients access to all their insurance information at the touch of a button! Along with being available as an application on your mobile phone, you can also access the new myMcLeanHallmark portal on your desktop. Whether you are on the go or in the comfort of your home, your insurance information can now be easily and quickly accessed.

My McLean Hallmark app

The new app provides you with the following access and options!

  • View your pink cards and print out copies
  • View policy/billing details
  • Request changes to your policy and personal information
  • File claims and upload photos to support claim
  • Find services close to your location (taxis, gas stations, etc.)


FOR MOBILE USE•  Download for: Apple     

•  Download for: Android

•  Download for: Blackberry

•  Download for: Windows Phone

FOR DESKTOP USE•  Visit Login Site

MyMcleanHallmark app screenshot